My presentation at Texmedin workshop (audio) Athens 24th September 2009

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Textile and Clothing (T&C) is a major economical sector in the Mediterranean area. This mostly SME-based industry accounts for a significant share of value added, employment and export revenue for many regions in this area. Over the last few years, this sector has undergone a series of radical transformations due to a number of factors, including increasing production costs, tighter environmental constraints and the onset of strong international competition. The competitive advantages of the sector are found in a focus on quality and design, innovation and technology, and high value-added products. The falling-off of the manufacturing sector in the European countries towards the development of new extra-European industrial poles, is driving the enterprises to invest more and more on the design and the intrinsic qualities of their products and on the marketing, necessary to communicate these values to exigent and aware costumers.

TEXMEDIN, standing for TEXtile and apparel EuroMEDiterranean heritage for Innovation, is a transnational project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation objective by the MED Programme.